Green Vehicles (GV)













LC-GV-03 User centric charging infrastructure Proposals will have to address all following technical areas including demonstration of the final solutions and their interoperability in multiple cities and TEN-T transnational road links:

–      basis for strategies or solutions to encourage or incentivize users of different social groups to overcome acceptance barriers in order to accelerate widespread usage of EVs.

–      Attractive and convenient charging infrastructure access with connected vehicle systems avoiding waiting times (through for instance, charging facility reservation and scheduling, integration with route planning of multiple vehicles).

–      Transparent, flexible and interconnected payment systems for maximum availability of the charging infrastructure also for drivers who do not regularly use the same car (company/family sharing, commercial car sharing, rental cars, …) or travel across Europe.

–      …..

IA 1 35.00
LC-GV-04 Low-emissions propulsion for long-distance trucks and coaches Proposals will have to address all the following technical areas:

–      Sub-systems and component concepts including electro-hybrid drives, optimized ICEs and after-treatment systems for alternative and renewable fuels, electric motors, smart auxiliaries, energy storage and power electronics, suitable for real life operation under different mission conditions

–      Concepts for connected and digitalized fleet management, predictive maintenance and operation in relation to electrification where appropriate to maximise the emissions reduction potential.

–      Implementation of required adaptations in VECTO accordingly to facilitate early take-up of the innovations.

IA 1 25.0

InCo flagship 5

Urban mobility and sustainable electrification in large urban areas in developing and emerging economies Proposals should address all of the following activities:

–      Development of a toolbox for advanced management strategies towards a more efficient private and public electric mobility

–      Comparative demonstrations activities and pilots in cities in Europe, Asia, African and/or CELAC countries

–      Implementation concepts to scale up the demonstration activities. Evaluation of the relative outputs and accordingly the development of implementation concepts to scale up the demonstration activities and exploration of the sustainable mobility planning in the city transformation process

IA 1 18.00