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Olfa Zeribi Ben Slimane Directrice Générale UGPE -Recherche et InnovationMESRS +216 71 835 019 Contact

Pr. Olfa Zeribi Ben Slimane is the actual General Director of the Program Horizon 2020 in charge of the portfolio on Research and Innovation for Tunisia at The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. She owns a Phd in Management Science from IAE Rennes Graduate School of Management. She works as a Professor in the Institute of Higher Commercial Studies of Carthage, Tunis since 2005. She occupied the directory position of the Doctoral School from 2011 to 2016 as well as the responsible of the Master program in Management & Strategy and founded the Corporate Social Responsibility academic chair in 2015. Under the Tempus framework, she coordinated the Master program ‘’DICAMP’’ in Management innovation.

As a specialist in public governance awareness, Pr. Olfa Zeribi Ben Slimane was a team leader in UNDP  and operates as an expert in public and private, national and international  organizations. Her fields of competencies are Management & Strategy of Organizations, Management Information System, Health Systems Analysis and Value Public Management.