Exscalate4CoV (acronym E4C) is a EU-funded project that was selected after the emergency call of expression of interest Horizon 2020 “Advancing knowledge for the clinical and public health response to the 2019-nCoV epidemic“.

E4C uses the EXSCALATE Platform and is a fully integrated network built to have a continuous run of in silico simulations followed by in vitro experimental validation that speedup the identification of active compounds to be tested in humans as novel treatments for Covid19.

The project is currently processing digital models of the protein of the virus and is matching them against a publicly available database of thousands of known active antimolecules that are part of existing drugs with the aim to find out which combinations of active molecules could react to the virus.

To supplement the E4C compound pipeline, organisations are invited to submit proposals for screening of their compounds for efficacy profiling on the E4C Biology platforms. These may include compounds identified from in-silico screening of SARS CoV2 associated targets or rationally selected repurposed compounds and bioactives.

Full criteria and minimum requirements for providing physical compounds

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